76084 and TPWSfour©

The engineers at Unipart Rail have designed TPWSfour© to fully comply with GE/RT8030 Issue 4 which mandates the use of a "three indicator" TPWS Driver-Machine Interface/Control Panel and audible alerts, allowing the driver to clearly understand the cause of a brake intervention by AWS or TPWS and GE/RT8075 Issue 2 applying to AWS and TPWS interface requirements. These updated standards require all new vehicles built or undertaking significant overhaul (after 1st December 2012) to be compliant by being fitted with TPWSfour© with its new and much improved levels of safety.

TPWSfour© provides enhanced Driver-Machine Interface

The TPWSfour© system incorporates the requirements for modification to the in-cab TPWS panel DMI to provide separate information on the occurrence of an Automatic Warning System (AWS), Overspeed Sensor System (OSS) or Signal Past at Danger (SPAD) Train Protection & Warning System intervention.

TPWSfour© enhanced data monitoring

The in-built data monitoring and recording systems ensure:

TPWSfour© integrates driver and machine

Unipart Rail have designed TPWSfour© to integrate with both driver and machine. The system's enhanced capabilities ensure that brakes are only released after the correct delay and ensure that the likelihood of an inadvertent over-ride (reset and continue) is completely eliminated along with a prompt to the driver to contact the signaller.

The factory selected variable audibility approach ensures that the tones and voice systems are 10dBA above ambient, in the range of 65dBA to greater than 90dBA, which avoids driver discomfort. The new spoken warnings provide clear and unambiguous advice to the driver to further eliminate the potential for a Signal Passed at Danger or SPAD.

'Antifuse Link Logic' is utilised in TPWSfour©, using field programmable gate arrays. This system design principle is by far more inherently reliable than software based systems. Furthermore it reduces the potential of unexpected system functionality activation over software controlled systems.

OTMR box

TPWSfour© control units are designed to fit in the same space envelope as the existing TPWS system - reducing the headache of finding additional space for system components.

ETCS compatibility built in

One of the major features of TPWSfour© is that European Train Control System (ETCS) compatibility is in-built ensuring future developments and upgrades can be accommodated without further system developments or performance impacts.

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In conclusion, in TPWSfour© integration, performance, monitoring and compliance of come together to provide 76084 with enhance safety and performance over and above other systems.

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76084 Locomotive Company Limited are pleased to have chosen TPWSfour© from Unipart Rail and will utilise its advanced features in the months and years to come.