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We are proud what we have achieved in returning 76084 to steam. We now plan to get her mainline certified. We want as many people as possible to know about all this so we have devised a number of ways in which to broadcast information about 76084. Have a look at our list of ways you can keep informed and choose the one most suitable for you.

  • Managed mailing list
  • Photograph archive
  • Video archive
  • Social network pages
  • Shareholder newsletter

Mailing list

We mailout at regular intervals informing subscribers about our project. To really be in the know you need to subscribe. The link below will also take you to the Subscription page.

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Photograph archive

Over the lifetime of 76084 there have been numerous photographs taken of her. During her restoration the number has increased significantly. To enable everyone to view these photographs of 76084 at the various stages of her life we have opened a Flickr account where all these photographs can be freely viewed by the public. Do take some time to visit this archive of photographs - you will not be disappointed.

Go to 76084 Flickr Account

Video archive

Some of our events have been recorded on video and can be found at the link below:

76084 A Day on the NNR

Social network pages

We maintain a page on Facebook as another portal to our activities. If you use this network please add our page to your favourites

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Shareholder newsletter

We have an in-house shareholder newsletter published twice yearly that looks at all things 76084 from a different angle. For more information about becoming a shareholder click here.

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