76084 KEEP Fund

Look how far we have come!

From Woodham Brother's scrapyard at Barry on the left to Cromer on the main line on the right.

Thanks to all those supporters who helped us raise the funds to get 76084 main line ready. We have fitted and tested the 3 main line safety systems and spent some time ensuring she is mechanically sound. This has enabled us to run the short distance from Cromer onto the North Norfolk Railway - main line 'Light'.

Our next step is to get full main line accreditation by performing a light engine test run which demands coal and water as well as network access followed by a loaded test run - more coal, water and network access. Both these test runs are not cheap. Listed below are ways you can sponsor them and help us offset the costs.

Then there is the main line support needed during outings on the national network. We are currently recruiting Support Crew and have access to a Support Coach but the Support Coach needs kitting out with tools and equipment - again at significant cost.

All these things we have put under the umbrella of the Kit for Emergency Engineering Problems or KEEP Fund.

If you can help us achieve our ultimate goal please choose any item from the list below that you can afford to sponsor and between us all we WILL Go Main Line. Remember you can sponsor items from £10 per month making many of them within most people's capability. We may add to the list as other items are identified as necessary so do come back to this page from time to time.

Anyone new supporters sponsoring items above £250 in value will become a member of the 76084 'family' of shareholders. 76084 shareholders will receive shares to the value of their sponsorship.

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KEEPing 76084 on the Main Line

Part No. Description Unit Cost No.
Test Runs
TR -1 Fifth of Tender Coal Fill (2 Tender fills needed) £50 10
TR -2 Half of Tender Water Fill (5 Water fills needed) £50 10
TR -3 Network Access ? Light Engine Test £200 10
TR -4 Network Access ? Loaded Test £250 10
TR -5 Carriage for Loaded Test £250 7
TR -6 Fire Hoses for water connection £100 4
Tools Etc.
SC -2 Large Spanners £50 10
SC -3 Front Light £50 2
SC -4 Rear Tail Light £50 2
List Updated 19 December 2016

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