• 76084 on the Main Line

    Wednesday, 10 August 2016 was a really memorable day for all involved with 76084 Locomotive Company Limited and the North Norfolk Railway. This day saw the fulfilment of the full vision for 76084 - running on the main line albeit only a short run from Sheringahm to Cromer and return. The North Norfolk Railway ran their North Norfolkman Dining Train from Sheringham - Cromer - Holt - Sheringham twice in the day the first being a VIP special. 76084 had made it!

  • 76084 on the

    76084 is based on the North Norfolk Railway which has a closed season. Now that 76084 is main line accredited we need to find work for her throughout the year so trips to other railways help us regain the investment we have made.

  • 76084 at Woodham Brothers

    76084 arrived at Barry in mid 1968 in the company of sisters from Lower Darwen and Sutton Oak. 76084 was the subject of at least 2 abortive preservation attempts before Phil Rollin bought her in 1982 and moved her to his back garden in early 1983. Phil fully intended to restore 76084 from his garden shed but only managed a makeover.

  • 76084 Return to Traffic 2013

    Sunday 21 July 2013 was a really memorable dya for all involved with 76084 Locomotive Company Limited. This day saw the fulfilment of many dreams of 76084 in steam and pulling passengers. The North Norfolk Railway laid on a Shareholders Special which journeyed along the line a couple of times whilst a buffet was consumed along with fine wine. All in all a special day indeed

  • 76084 on the Great Central Railway

    76084 was invited to take part in the Great Central Railway's Autumn Steam Gala in early October 2014 being one of only 2 visiting locomotives. She actually stayed on the GCR for almost all the month of October and clocked up a number of firsts in preservation the above image showing one.