Supporting 76084

The 76084 Locomotive Company Limited has been in existence since 1997 and has been using funds gained from the sale of shares, odd donations and the sale of various small items.

76084 returned to traffic on 21 July 2013 on the North Norfolk Railway and whilst the Company is pleased and very thankful for the financial support already received, we do need some more to pay the final bills coming in for her restoration. We have a package of various methods of financial assistance through which you could help meet this draw on our resources. The current options are:

We always need more shareholders. To become a shareholder a minimum of £250 or more to be invested in 76084 Locomotive Company Limited. Being a Shareholder gives you several benefits depending on the level of your shareholding. Chief amongst these benefits are tickets to ride passenger train behind 76084.

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The 76084 marketing department is geared up to generate income that will ensure she is well maintained. We already have a number of items that can be purchased. All profits go towards 76084's restoration.

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If none of the above are attractive you can always simply donate any fund to the company for 76084's restoration. We are looking at setting up a charitable trust so that any donations from income tax payers can be increased through gift aid.

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