Frequently Asked 76084 Questions

Where can I see 76084 in action?

76084 will be running on the North Norfolk Railway until the 40's Weekend 17 & 18 September 2016.

76084 will be moving to another heritage railway for a short period thereafter.

More information on the North Norfolk Railway website

Why does 76084 carry an 'SC' plate on the smokebox door?

Often mistaken for indicating a connection with the Scottish Region of British Railways the 'SC' plate actually stands for Self-Cleaning.

British Railways Standard Classes of steam locomotives used a simple technology, where a robust mesh grille was incorporated into the smokebox, forming a filter between the front tubeplate and the exhaust. Any large pieces of 'char' passing through the boiler tubes would tend to be broken up on impact with the mesh, creating finer particles that would be swept up the chimney instead of accumulating in the bottom of the smokebox. This did not negate the need to clean out the smokebox but reduced the amount of work that had to be done. In the best case, smokebox cleaning could be avoided between boiler washouts, typically at intervals of two weeks.

The fitting of such a mesh was performed at the end of 76084's 2016 Winter Maintenance and running experience since shows the system to be working with fine particles floating out of the chimney which can be a little inconvenient at station stops.

The 'SC' plate was placed on the smokebox door in British Railways days to inform cleaning staff that less work was required on the locomotive.

Now that 76084 has self cleaning kit fitted we have put an 'SC' plate on the smokebox door as in British Railways days.

Why are you still asking for money?

We have raised sufficient funds to equip 76084 with the necessary technologies to run on the national network. We have yet to earn money from the haulage 76084 is performing. Funds are required to replace parts loaned from other Standard 4 projects.

What is the minimum shareholding anyone can have?

£250. Supporters who donate on a regular or even ad hoc basis who reach this total will receive a share certificate and become a shareholder in 76084 Locomotive Company Limited. Anyone sponsoring parts through our "Go Mainline" Appeal to this value and above will also become shareholders.

Sponsoring parts can be done on a monthly basis with the minimum payment being £10 per month. Please see our Sponsorship page.

Why is 76084 on the North Norfolk Railway?

As we approached the final period of restoration of the locomotive we investigated where 76084 could run. We were also looking for some financial assistance to fund the craftsmen needed towards the end. The North Norfolk Railway not only wanted our locomotive to run on their railway but also were willing to pay our steaming fees up front allowing us to complete the restoration sooner than we thought possible.

We have a really good working relationship with the NNR management who appreciate our locomotive as it 'fits the Railway' and include it in their plans to run into Cromer on dinning trains. It is hoped these will start in the Spring of 2016

Who do I contact to buy 76084 merchandise?

The head of our Sales Team is Roger Norris who can be contacted via email

Why is the lining on 76084s tender not right to the rear?

The management in the paintshop at Horwich Works always wanted the British Railways emblem on the tender side to be central within the lining out. With the Mk2 and 2A tenders this gave them an issue. It placed the emblem over a cross of rivet heads giving the painters a difficult job. By bringing the rear lining in the centralised emblem rests only over a horizontal line of rivet heads making life a little easier. There is photographic evidence of this application for other members of the class built at Horwich.

What replacement parts are left to sponsor?

This question is easily answered by referring you to the Sponsorshp page which is maintained up to date.

Any chance of a footplate ride?

You can normally access the footplate of 76084 when at the head of her train in the terminus stations by asking the loco crew. A ride on the footplate is only permissible through the 76084 Locomotive Company Limited and not the operating Railway. Prior arrangement with the Company is necessary to obtain a footplate pass.