76084 and the Barry Years

76084 arrived in a convoy from Springs Branch and was pushed into what was an empty siding at Woodham Brothers' scrapyard. Here close to the throat of the siding she lanquished for some time and the few early Barry pictures do show 76084 looking like the other locomotives - rusty and travel worn. In mid October 1974 5 members of the Hallamshire Railway Preservation Society from Sheffield spent a working weekend at Barry with a view to purchase and to prevent further decay painted her with red lead primer. For whatever reason this was to be an abortive preservation attempt but made 76084 stand out from the crowd for the remaining 8 years of her stay in the yard.

As more locomotives for scrapping arrived at the yard 76084 was pushed down her siding almost to the bufferstops.

Thanks to the power of the internet there are a goodly number of images of 76084 lanquishing in South Wales. As time past she was stripped of various parts as Woodhams became a valuable source of steam locomotive spare parts. The story of Woodhams has been the subject of numerous publications but our locomotives story takes a turn for the better in 1982.

It was in 1982 that Phil Rollin concluded his negotiations to buy 76084. And so it was in January 1983 that 76084 left Woodham's for a new life in South Leverton near Retford, Nottinghamshire. She had spent 14 years and 4 months in South Wales and was the 143rd locomotive to leave the yard. She is the 140th Barry locomotive to return to steam.

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